Luxury Cruising

A great cruise is much more than a trip. Combining the grandeur and refinement of sailing with imagination and the style of the good life is my favourite way to explore the world. Moving to a luxury ship helps create unforgettable memories.

The right boat or the right shipping company makes it very comfortable and very special and satisfies all your holiday wishes. You should consider the size of the ship, the type of experience, the activities available, the meal plans, the dress code on board, and the style of service. Just as important is your itinerary, the type of accommodation and the cost of the cruise, as well as the inclusive services offered. The luxury class ships are generally smaller than bulk ships, with passenger capacities ranging from less than 100 to nearly 900, and offer the most spacious and inviting accommodations. Many of the cabins have private terraces, sitting areas, and rich decor and luxurious amenities. The level of service you will enjoy can be measured by the ratio of crew to the guest. You’ll find exceptional service on ships that have a ratio of one (or more) crew members to two guests and reflect the warmth and discretion of the finest hospitality. The following unique cruise styles can be celebrated on their own, so you can choose to travel in style with companions who share your sensibilities.

Ultimate Luxury Cruises embodies the cruise ceremony and is a reminder of the days when travelling by boat was an event unto itself. The trips in this category offer the best travel experience and excellence in every detail. Impressive in every way, these cruises offer you an atmosphere of luxurious sophistication with truly delightful service. In exquisite dining rooms and individual seats, guests are pampered with the best dishes. Jackets and ties are generally the rules for dinner, and tuxedos are not uncommon with a carefully observed dress code.

Casual Elegance cruises offer a luxury cruise experience with a “resort chic” country club atmosphere on board. Windstar Cruises ships are wonderful examples of voyages in elegant, subtle, and unregulated luxury. The lifestyle on board these types of cruises are generally unstructured, with few organised activities. In keeping with the relaxed and contemporary atmosphere onboard these ships, the clothing style is casual and sophisticated. Jackets, when worn, are informal, and ties should be kept at home. The dining experience is flawless with the added flexibility and convenience of open seating. Enjoy dining with new friends of your choice at your leisure. Ships in this category tend to be smaller, and the service on board is of the highest quality.

The last luxury cruise category is “Unique Exploration”. You can explore many of the fascinating travel destinations in the world while enjoying a pleasant and comfortable cruise experience. Ships in this category offer excellent overall cruising value. The boats themselves are anything but ordinary, and each has its characteristics and highlights. The focus of these trips is on the special routes. Ports of call have been carefully selected to highlight the history and culture of each region. Each one allows you to experiment, learn, and explore. Most ships in this class have an official guide or guest lecturer, a conference theatre, support programs, and often an extensive library. The atmosphere on board is relaxed and the service is highly personalized.

Clothing is generally worn casually during the day and varies for dinner depending on the ship. Whether you are experiencing an expedition to Antarctica, the Amazon, or the national heritage of the iconic clipper ship, this class of cruise offers you a unique combination of style and adventure.

When choosing your next cruise, take the time to explore the possibilities of Seabourn, Windstar, Sea Dream Cunard, Radisson, Crystal and Silversea. These cruises allow you to follow your inner rhythms and desires and discover your unique vision of Utopia.

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