5 Things to Expect To See When Trekking In Ladakh

Ladakh, India, is one of the most sparsely populated areas in the world. It is considered an anomaly because it was not hit by the militancy. Since Ladakh is in the shadow of the Himalayan rain, there is no summer monsoon. However, a lot of snowfalls in the long winters. North Ladakh is becoming more familiar, and there are many things that people can do when travelling there. Group hiking is a great attraction and can be a wonderful spiritual adventure. Many different views can be expected while hiking in Ladakh, India.

Beautiful scenery

When walking through Ladakh, India, one can expect to see the snow-capped peaks. The amazing thing is that they can while surrounded by the green of their camp! It is a sight to see when you look at the majestic mountainside, and the first glimmer of snow glows in the morning sun, and you can also see the beautiful green around the area as a brilliant emerald green jewel. From the snow-capped peaks of the White Mountains to the dazzling river gorges and surrounding greenery, this is the perfect setting for a magical vacation.


Ladakh India Hikers can also look forward to the most picturesque villages with fascinating people who live there. Although there are not many people who live in Ladakh all year round every year, the ones who live there are extremely interesting and insightful people. There are usually translators among the guides that most groups have on the trek, and this can help communicate with some of the non-English speaking Ladakh locals.

Desert Landscape

If you start the Ladakh trek in certain areas like Leh, you can expect open desert areas surrounded by beautiful mountain slopes. This creates a dramatic and engaging change of scenery and can inspire artists of all stripes.


Other beautiful and magical things to see while walking through Ladakh are the Buddhist monasteries. There are large and imposing monasteries, and there are also more modest monasteries throughout Ladakh. Yet, they all house the world’s most fascinating artefacts and statues. Some people even stay with the monks in the monasteries and participate in some of their spiritual retreats. A specific monastery in Ladakh is the Thiksey Monastery. This monastery has many white buildings that look like a whitewashed fairytale town.


One of the most amazing things hikers from all over Ladakh can expect is the amount of different wildlife. There are more than 200 different species of birds that inhabit parts of Ladakh during the summer, and many of them are seen by hikers. Another animal that hikers can look forward to is the bharals, the blue sheep.

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