Tourist Guide For London

London is an exciting and vibrant city that offers a wide range of things to do and see. It is also one of the safest cities in the world.

To make your experience as comfortable as possible, you should take the same precautions as at home.

London Transport

Avoid using unlicensed taxis. Safe taxis are authorised by the police. The driver wears a license plate, and a driver’s license is issued in the taxi. 

If you are using a rental car, thoroughly inspect the vehicle for damage before signing the forms. 

London Accommodation  

Accommodation in London is rated Star and Diamond by official tourism organisations. The higher the number of stars or diamonds, the higher the quality. 


As in any major city, crime can be a problem. However, if you follow the same basic principles that you follow at home, you are completely safe. Store purses and wallets in zippered compartments. Avoid using backpacks. Let the cameras hanging around your neck, not over your shoulder. Never put your bag on the floor of a restaurant or bar; always carry it with you. 

Your money 

Changing your money at your hotel is not always cheap. Try to find the best price. Banks and home loan companies usually offer the best rates. 

Once you have changed your money,  store it in your hotel safe. 

Eating and drinking 

Be careful with the ladies who invite you to have a drink in the bars. These ladies often hang out, and you can end up paying hundreds of pounds for a drink and the privilege of the ladies’ company in the evening. 

Guests are now expected to tip their waitress or waiter at a restaurant. Check your invoice beforehand to see if the service is included. It is accepted that a tip of approximately 10% of your total bill is reasonable. However, don’t be tempted to tip if the service or food is poor. 


Carrying a knife,  gun or CS spray is illegal in London. 

Major Holidays, 

 Holidays for 2010 are as follows: 

 New Years Day, January 1, 

 Good Friday, April 2, 

 Easter Monday, April 5, 

 May Day, May 3, 

 Spring Break May 31, 

 Summer Bank Holiday August 30, 

 Christmas Day December 27, 

 Christmas Day, December 28. 

 Our banks are closed on holidays, but the most popular stores are now open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Vacations are considered family days, so many activities are usually organised to entertain everyone. 


Ladies may be alarmed to learn that you will gain size during your time in London, and it will not be because of the food. If you are a size 8 in America, it will be a size 10  here and in Europe. Hopefully, that doesn’t stop you from shopping! If it comforts you, you need shoes 2 sizes smaller; a 7 in the United States is a 5  here for women. Men’s clothing sizes are no different. However, her shoes are one size smaller here. 

Driving in London 

We could write a book about driving a car in London. Of course, it is  much easier to say, “Don’t do it!” Driving in London is not a pleasant experience. You may be interested to know that in 1898 the average speed of cars in London was 11 mph, and in 1998 it was 11 mph, both for progress. You may feel comfortable knowing that there is an excellent metro system that is cheap and fast. If driving is your thing, we have a wealth of information for you to read and assimilate. 

The fact is, we are obsessed with roundabouts. Roundabouts are placed at intersections where there is usually a lot of traffic. Love them or hate them; they work fine. When approaching a roundabout, look to the right; if nothing comes, don’t stop. You have to turn right and go around the roundabout in a clockwise direction. You must state your intention to help other drivers. 

A valid (full) European, US or Canadian driver’s license is required to drive in the UK. 

All passengers must wear seat belts. 

You must come to a complete stop where you will see a stop sign and a solid white line on the road, even if you can see that your path is clear. 

Unlike most other countries, drivers must stop at zebra crossings when a pedestrian is waiting. 

At pelican crossings, you must come to a complete stop on red. If it is yellow, you will have to wait for all pedestrians to cross safely before exiting. Traffic lights follow the following order; red (stop), red and yellow (get ready), green (go). 

We pass on the right and quickly return to the left lane after overtaking. 

To cope with the massive traffic that visits London every day, the Mayor has introduced a congestion charge. This fee applies to vehicles entering Central London by car between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays). The rate is € 8 per day. This can be paid in advance at You can also pay in front of the garage, in stores, by mail, and in and around the toll plaza. You can now pay by SMS, although you must first register online. On the day of travel, simply text the last four digits of your credit/debit card to 81099, and you will receive your receipt number in 30 minutes. Anyone who does not pay the fare before midnight on the day of the trip will receive a hefty fine. 

Parking in London is not cheap or easy. If you have parking at your hotel, we recommend that you leave your car there and use the metro. Traffic guards in London have a habit of showing up when least expected, and the garbage truck follows closely behind. The high fee is a bitter pill to swallow. 

Always lock your car doors when driving in London. Gangs have been known to attack when vehicles get stuck in traffic.

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