If you’re going on a backpacking vacation, you aim to pack lightweight. Remember, you will be carrying that weight many of the time. However, that does not mean that you need to sacrifice things to own a lightweight pack. With the correct organization, you will bring all of your essentials while not breaking your back carrying your bag.


Follow these essential tips for lightweight packing:

  • Pack the right clothes

Choosing the kind of clothing and footwear to bring can impact your packing trip significantly. Not solely can it do plenty for your comfort on the path, however it conjointly affects the weight of your pack? Once selecting garments, opt for lightweight artificial materials. Not solely do they weigh, but most materials, however, are excellent for wicking wetness and sweat, too. Don’t bring cotton or denim – they don’t seem wise on the path and get extremely serious once wet.

Also, ditch the boots – instead, opt for path runners as they’re easier and additional lightweight.

  • Drink up

Every hiker and backpacker is aware that excess water could be a shoulder on the path. You furthermore may recognize that the water you carry could be a massive part of your pack’s weight. What you’ll do is to drink at the water supply, then fill your bottle with barely enough to urge you successive one.

  • Dry out your gear

Dew and wetness will cowl your tent’s entire area, adding several ounces to its weight. It won’t appear a lot. However, your garments, tarps and different tenting gear are perhaps lined, too, adding additional weight to your pack than you recognize. Take care to dry these out before packing them away!

  • Go for a down bag

Compared to an artificial material bag, a down bag is a lighter and additional compact. It’s hotter, too, that is right for packing. Take care to pack an honest quality dry pack liner to forestall it from obtaining wet!

  • Distribute the weight

If you are packing with family or friends, it will not be that every one of you brings their cookery gear, own tent etc., compute your cooking and sleeping created and share the weight among the members of your cluster. This way, every one of you carries less!

Follow these five practical ways for lightweight packing for your next packing trip, and you will not need to worry about your pack’s burden!

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