When I came for the first time to Belogradchik, I stood for an extended time ahead of the known cliffs, speechless. My mind was attempting to search out a plan, during which to know the weird great thing about these nature-created rock formations. This old place, a world skilled however not touched by the time, transported me through the ages and left me shocked. You’ll be able to feel the spirit of the contemporary world, once people did not exist, walking within the broad spacey valleys, the bottom of an ancient ocean, that shaped these uncommon rocks. Then you’ll be able to go within the time once the folks lived within the near caves as within the known Magura and left tracks of their life and spirituality. Then this ancient place, wherever the time and house time were overcome, lands you in I century AD, once a defence was built at the very best purpose of the Belogradchik’s cliffs. I sincerely suggest to everybody who needs to feel this journey to come back and submerge within the fairy tale, during which we live daily.


Belogradchik’s cliffs – superb, Unique, awesome – no matter what we’d say for this natural masterpiece, it’d not be enough. Suppose the cliffs were placed during a developed country, while ago they might be appreciated as a part of the wonders of the globe. The Belogradchik’s cliffs represent rock formations with a height of up to two hundred m, surrounding the city of Belogradchik. Before over 230 million years, the sandy-marble rocks were shaped and later an ancient ocean flooded them. Innumerable years around, the stones settled down sand, gravel and clay, brought within the sea from the rivers. With time, these materials shaped sediment that later cemented during a clay-sand-marble solder, forming the bottom fabric of the Belogradchik’s cliffs. After they were exposed to an iron compound that has created their specific red-brown colour. Throughout the time mountain “Stara planina” has eaten, this region began to dry out. In its highest points, within the rock formation cracks appeared, through which the water flowed. Because of their unequal hardness, the Belogradchik’s cliffs disintegrated unequally, making the whimsical varieties of the cliffs. Cement has shaped over a hundred caves within the clay-sandy-marble, made of cave formations, abysses, and fascinating fauna.


Guesthouse Bedrock is the ideal hosting place for folks visiting the city. It’s a terrible plan of action location with quick access to any or all vital elements of the town and the county aspect. The house has a glorious read toward the Belogradchik’s cliffs and also the defence “Kaleto”. In the immediate section are 2 of the most excellent restaurants and central sq. is simply five minutes walk, although within the same time the home is placed during a quiet spot.


The house features a well-kept garden with fruit trees and a tiny low pool. At the garden space at your disposal is additionally a wholly appointed building usable altogether seasons. We also tend to supply a barbecue place in the garden.

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