Budget Traveller

How To Know if You are a Budget Traveller

10. You are a traveller on a budget if all your credit cards are at the limit BEFORE you go on vacation.

9. You are a traveller on a budget when travel insurance costs are a drag on your travel budget.

8. You are a budget-conscious traveller if you dream of travelling the world, but buy a round-trip air ticket to Hawaii.

7. If you are a traveller on a budget, buy a double occupancy vacation instead of paying the single room supplement and sell the other half of the vacation to a friend of a friend. 

6. If you ask for lemon water and add sugar to the glass to make your lemon help, you are a traveller on a budget. 

5. You hate the movement of the ocean, but you cruise every year because the price includes food, lodging, and entertainment. 

4. You are a budget traveller if you buy a fifth of bourbon and try to hide it in your carry-on luggage before boarding a cruise. 

3. You are a budget-conscious traveller if you want to have a light breakfast, skip lunch, and have an early dinner on vacation to save money.

2. If the first thing you look at is the local grocery store after checking into your hotel room while travelling, then you are a budget traveller.

1. You know that you are travelling on a limited budget when you do not have enough money to pay the departure tax when leaving another country. (Don’t laugh, it happens all the time!)

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