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If you’ve been cooking for an extended time, you have probably experienced burning or overcooking your food. Most cooks would throw it away; however, that is such a waste – there are lots of fast fixes you’ll be able to attempt to salvage your dish! It depends on what form of the word you are cooking; however, if you would like to find some helpful cooking hacks to fix burnt food, read on!

  • Meat

If you burn cut or any meat over a grill or on the pan due to high flames, the likelihood is the within is raw. What you’ll be able to do is to sear the meat in a pan (preferably kitchen appliance-proof) then move it into your oven (300F) till cooked through.

If you are cooking meat to place during a stew or soup and start to burn, stop cooking. Wash the pan before cooking the heart once more, or cook the meat in a wholly different pan.

  • Vegetables

If you steam or boil produce too long, drain them and plunge them into drinking water during a bowl. This stops the cooking method. After many minutes, drain once more.

If vegetables are overcooked, you’ll still be able to use them for alternative dishes! Overcooked vegetables will be pureed, cooked with butter or cheese, or frozen to be used later for soup or gravy.

Rice, pasta or potatoes

Carbs like rice, pasta and potatoes cook quickly. That is why they are simple to cook, even if you only left them for a few minutes. If you cook rice, place it during a filter, rinse and drain well to get rid of the viscousness. If this does not work, you’ll be able to flip it into the dish.

For soggy pasta and potatoes, allow them to dry, then fry them within the pan with butter, oil and plenty of seasoning. You’ll be able to repurpose the alimentary paste by baking it into casseroles additionally, and as for the potatoes, they are sensible for frittatas or omelettes.

Soups and Sauces

Once you understand that your soup or sauce is burning, put it off the burner like a shot. Typically, liquids can solely have an all-time low burnt, thus don’t scrape an all-time low a part of the pan and transfer the soup or sauce to a different pan or pot to continue cooking.

Throwing away burnt or overcooked food ought to be your pis aller. Salvage what you’ll be able to and repurpose the food into another dish! Follow these four amazing cooking hacks for fixing burnt food.

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