How To Serve Mangosteen Creatively

Whenever you encounter fresh mangosteen, it is always worth a try. Tropical fruits, also known as the Queen of Fruits, although they are native to Southeast Asia, are very popular and are now sold in different parts of the world. It is believed that they are rich in antioxidants and fibre, so they are loved by people. The fruit part can be used as a snack, included in main dishes and desserts, or as a drink, such as the popular mangosteen juice.

Freshly served directly This is the most popular way to serve fruit because it is eaten as fresh as possible and does not require many side dishes. Cut the fruit properly, and then use a fork or spoon to scoop it up and eat. When you open the fruit and remove the top shell, the remaining shell will be used as a bowl. This makes it easier for you to pass the fruit to others so that they can enjoy it in the same way with a fork. However, it is important to keep peeled juice away from clothes, skin and furniture, because purple juice can cause stubborn stains.

Another way to eat mangosteen superfruit in the main course is to add it to the dish. These parts are particularly popular in Asian dishes and can be added to vegetable and fish curries. First, you can mix these parts with sea bream, curry spices, coconut milk, and mussels to make a simple and delicious main course. You can also try salads made with shrimp, chicken, mangosteen, peanuts, lime juice and coconut. If you like to enjoy fruit in the morning, you can use the fruit part in the parfait. It works very well when used with granola and yoghurt.

Dessert Service Your dessert choices range from mangosteen jam to simple fruit salad. You can use canned or fresh slices and mix them with coconut, mango, pineapple and orange to make a sweet treat. For ice cream, you can mix it with sugar and coconut milk. For everyone who likes sake, lime juice, sugar, ice, and fruit are refreshing delicacies.

As a beverage Because of its natural juice, this fruit can be enjoyed as a beverage for the longest time. Fruit slices or juice can be added to yoghurt or fruit smoothies. If you like Indian lassi drinks, you can easily make your own by mixing milk, honey, yoghurt and juice. For a fun and delicious party punch, mix fruit juice with pear juice and a little syrup. There are many beverage ideas there, and you can also creatively come up with making your fruit as pleasant as possible. If you add a little creativity not only to drinks but also to food and desserts, you will be amazed at how much fruit can be achieved.


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