BBQ Catering

Healthy BBQ Catering Ideas for Your Next Private or Corporate Function

For work or pleasure, there’s nothing better than a catered BBQ to bring everyone together. As people become more diet and health-conscious, BBQ Catering has also evolved from being heavy on red meat and bread to allowing everyone to be happy and to suit all dietary requirements.

BBQ catering allows you to enjoy your event while the caterer handles all the preparation, serving, and clean-up that goes along with it. Even better, they can provide you with many dietary options and healthy food choices while still being delicious BBQ food.


What types of food should you request from your BBQ caterer to make things healthier? Here are some suggestions that will win everyone over without sacrificing taste!

– Look to the sea for healthy inspiration

With BBQ catering, most people think about rich and heavy cuts of meat. While those are delicious options, fish on the BBQ creates a healthier option while still reeling in plenty of flavours. From salmon to tuna and shrimp to scallops, there are so many options to make your next BBQ function a healthy choice, all with tons of fresh taste.

– Choose lean options

Not everyone adores fish, so having options for those landlubbers on your BBQ catering menu is important too. Sausages and burgers are no doubt some of the most popular items to barbecue, but they tend to be fattier. Instead, choose chicken and lean cuts of beef to round out the meal.

– Make way for veggies

Vegetables on the barbecue impart such a fantastic flavour. That slightly charred taste elevates the experience and makes it much more exciting than a salad withering in the heat. Besides, you may have guests that don’t eat meat or fish. With BBQ catering for vegetables, you can get aubergine, asparagus, squash, corn, and plenty more to add colour and nutrition to your event.

– Allow for healthy carb choices

White flour-based buns and rolls have all the nutrition bleached out of them. Healthier BBQ catering options include wholewheat and multigrain bread that can hold chicken, burgers or even an array of vegetables with ease. You can also opt for a couscous salad to give a fresh take on side dishes.

– Dress it up with good health

Condiments can often be a source of excess fat and sugar. Don’t limit your guests on flavour, though. You can give them all the saucy delights they love in a healthier format by using olive oil, vinegar, and seasonings for dressings or making a base from low-fat yoghurt, lemon juice, and fresh herbs.

– Don’t forget the dessert

Healthy BBQ catering can also include dessert, which doesn’t need to be filled with processed sugars or other unhealthy ingredients. Instead, arrange rainbow-hued skewers of fresh fruits like blueberries, strawberries, melon, and pineapple. With an appealing presentation, fresh fruit for dessert is a welcome and refreshing treat.

If it sounds like a lot of work to make a healthy BBQ for your guests, consider BBQ catering. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of healthy BBQ catering options that will make everyone feel nourished and included in the event!


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