Bone Broth

Why You Should Be Consuming Bone Broth

When I was growing up, it was common for my mother to cook a large piece of animal bones. She used it to make soup. At the time, I just thought it was a cheap way to make soup. I hardly knew that a cheap, easy-to-make broth had a wide range of health properties. It’s simple because although it takes 24 to 72 hours to cook the bones to extract these nutrients, you don’t actually need to do anything else.

But as for the health benefits, that is indeed a little-known secret. However, there is a very important caveat, and that is that the bones used in this broth are of the highest quality. When I was young, this was not a problem, especially in the Midwest, where the cattle on the farm were not far from the table. Now, of course, we need to worry about how the cattle are raised because it is obvious that the nutrients used to grow this bone are the same as the nutrients we extract in the broth.

Today, we must better understand where animals grew up. Whether it is chicken or beef, you should know that these animals come from organic farming, and beef is grass-fed. For example, it has been found that chickens raised during the concentration process have a tendency not to gel, which is important for their therapeutic properties.

Why is this simple meal so healthy? Bone broth is easy to digest and has been shown to heal the lining of the intestines. In fact, it contains precious nutrients and is an important therapeutic agent for your entire body. However, as we eat processed foods that are not easy to digest, leaky gut has become a bigger problem facing humans. Any disease in the intestines will cause some undigested food, bacteria and other intestinal toxins to enter the bloodstream. Of course, this can cause many health problems.

Leaky Gut causes many autoimmune diseases and allergies. As we all know, bone broth can cure intestinal leakage. Gelatin attracts and retains fluids, including digestive juices, which leads to proper digestion. In fact, the chicken soup published many years ago has significant anti-infective medicinal value.

Bone Broth also has other health properties. It reduces joint pain and inflammation due to glucosamine and other compounds extracted from cartilage. It helps promote strong and healthy bones because calcium and magnesium play an important role in the formation of healthy bones. It can also make you look better by promoting healthy hair and nails. After all, it is well known that the glycine in bone broth has a calming effect on the system and allows you to get better sleep.

Often the old folk remedies are still the best. If you have been as long as I have been, you may remember some of the measures we have taken for health, but we don’t know what to solve. Somehow, people only knew a lot of useful things at the time.

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