I was recently in San Diego and had the chance to go with some individuals from White Labs. This is often a formidable company that’s dedicated to all or any things yeast, no matter the application. They even have a distillery operation that enables them to experiment with recipes and do contract analysis.


White Labs production Co. is an element of White Labs, Inc. a global company headquartered in San Diego, Calif. that gives liquid/dry yeast, fermentation products, services, analysis, and education to professionals and enthusiasts alike. Started back in 2012 with a San Diego Tasting space several of their showcased beers are offered to style. style takes us on a path to understanding flavours derived from yeast.


As Erik Fowler of White Labs commented concerning perceive the impact of yeast in making style in beer: “tasting side-by-side is that the final expertise of however yeast impacts beer! for instance, at our brewery/pub, get pleasure from higher Haze AheadTM brewed with WLP518 Opshaug Kveik beer Yeast, this high temporary worker yeast promotes tropical aromas and a dry end. Or attempt higher Haze AheadTM with WLP066 London Fog beer Yeast, this strain contributes a soft mouthfeel in conjunction with citrus-like esters, whilst accentuating hop character.”

Fowler gave some fast answers to some general questions on their yeast.

How is yeast ready to impart distinctive flavours in beer?

Brewers work with specific species of yeast named yeast and saccharomyces pastorianus. These species of brewer’s yeast comprises many strains that impart shaping characteristics in widespread brew designs. Ever surprise what offers a hefeweizen its banana and clove notes or why pilsners square measure therefore crisp and clean? It is the yeast and also the byproducts it produces (or does not produce) throughout fermentation.

How long will it fancy to develop a replacement yeast strain?

Almost all strains employed in production are non-GMO and have undergone natural domestication over many years. Their continuous use by brewers has chosen characteristics and strains that not solely impart positive flavours in the brew, however additionally perform systematically and are straightforward for the brewer to use.

Are there styles of yeast among a given strain?

Not among a strain however among a species. assume yeast or “ale yeast” as an example. White Labs banks over five hundred strains and everyone is used to create any classic or experimental brew vogue that has been or is however to be made!

Is there something interesting that is going on recently with yeast that includes a wow! The issue concerning it?

Brewing trends and innovation square measure invariably pushing the boundaries with new and distinctive ingredients and processes. Kveik yeast has been the foremost recent trend sweeping skilled and homebrewers across the world. Kveik may be a kind of yeast sourced from Norwegian house breweries that create beers hard at a large type of temperature up to 90°F+/32°C! This characteristic of manufacturing complementing fruit-like esters at such an extreme temperature that quickens fermentation is exclusive for brewer’s yeast. Brewers are victimising these strains to make beers starting from hazy IPAs to imperial stouts.

The sugar yeast looks to not like is Destrins, so?

Depending on the brew characteristics a brewer is trying to make Dextrins are vital. Dextrins are long-chain sugars that square measure unfermentable to most brewer’s strains. it’ll contribute greatly to the mouthfeel. Mash schedule affects this rather more drastically than strain choice.

There are heaps of makers of yeast around the world. Some sell liquid yeast et al distribute dry yeast. It is not hard to search out homebrewers and microbrewers with sturdy opinions concerning which yeast kind works best.

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