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Everyone blogs to earn money. And during this method, they begin selling domains, websites, internet hosting, SEO and eBooks. Does blogging incredibly make money? These days, I will explain to you ways to form cash by writing a travel blog.


I will not provide free advice on wherever to shop for your domain, website or hosting. And that I will not encourage you to shop for pricey SEO or eBooks. My straightforward advice to you all is to jot down quality contents that are in demand.


Forget about keywords and search engine optimization. If you write the best niche blogs, Google can automatically crawl your blogs and index them from time to time. They’re going to for sure place your diary in their high ranking pages.


Writing a travel blog is the best and most profitable niche. Some bloggers are saying technology is the best. Yes, by writing technology blogs, some bloggers are earning Rs fifty lakhs. They need to occupy that niche, and that I will not encourage you to vie with them.


I am not discouraged from writing technology blogs. All bloggers are registering on the same topic, tips and techniques. What new things can you write to compete with them?

What to write on a travel blog?

Let us specialize in writing such a blog. You do not have to be compelled to head to Rome or the big apple to jot down a travel diary. Write about your town, village and State. I might counsel these topics for you to start as long as possible.


Write about temples, places of interest, parks, looking malls and places to hold out. Why am I using this? Does one realize any diary that elaborately specializes in these topics?


Write your blogs in such the most straightforward way that folks scan your blog and visit the place. Does one detect Chiang Mai?


A few years passed, and it had not been on the list of tour destinations. But, these days, if you’re visiting Thailand and not staying in Chiang Mai, your trip is incomplete.


People understand this tiny town island in Thailand from reading travel blogs. You’ll be able to promote your localities. There won’t be several contents in Google search. Let your travel blog be the authority in Google.


Writing a travel diary is additionally rewarding. You’re not solely earning cash from Google AdSense or a different monetization program.


You will get the chance to sell building rooms at a discounted value, the flight at a lower price, and you’ll be able to earn commissions from retailers that sell unique products.


Make a list of all the stuff that is good for family adventures and travel. Cowl the journey sports in your writing. You’ll even be able to sell the exotic handlooms and handicrafts in your diary.


Writing blogs are often clubbed with photography. You’ll be able to sell original images to magazines and websites. You’ll be the authority of your choice of locations. Individuals can consult you as a guide likewise.

I will assist you in writing.

If any event is going on in your home, write 5-6 articles, promote the event, and obtain a paid sponsor blog. I can assist you in writing a travel blog. For this, not one cash is going to be charged.


I can be a guest author in your blog and supply SEO-made content for your blog. Specialize in obtaining traffic for six months. Ultimately your travel blog can build money for you.

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