Wild Coast

The Wild Coast is the best destination in southern Africa. Far from the chaos of the cities, it is a place where backpackers mingle with Xhosa villagers, devoted surfers and new-age hippies remote from the rest of the globe. You may recognize you’ve reached the Wild Coast once the highway gives way to a rough track, and you start to see a lot more roaming stock than cars on the road. Psychedelic green hills, crested with representative mud rondavels, dominate the scenery, then half to reveal a vast and endless coastline framed to a lower place, a staggering sky.

Scattered on this coastline, you will find several of South Africa’s best backpackers. The vibes are infectious, the setting spectacular, and there are enough activities on providing to keep even the most avid adventurist busy. Here are thirty reasons why you’ll be wanting to feature the Wild Coast to your following South African itinerary and why it’d simply be the most straightforward place to be a backpacker within the world!

1. Discovering your secret beach

The wild coast offers some 300 kilometres of uninterrupted coastline. Secure from reading by soaring cliffs; there are endless bays, coves and secret spots ripe for discovery. And except for the grazing oxen, you are bound to have all of them to yourself.

2. Eating the freshest food you have got probably ever tasted

Wander the lineation, and you are sure to run into village children collecting oysters and mussels or neighbourhood fishers returning along with his morning catch. Treat yourself to the freshest food picnic you may ever have right there on the beach.

3. Seeing a perfect sunset over the ocean (from a formation, with a free sundowner)

All along the Wild Coast, you may have your alternative of cliffs giving good 360 panoramas of the sunset. What may well be better? However, regarding the complimentary sundowners offered by the occasional Shack as you sit on a hill commanding the ocean or the complimentary ride up to Port St. John’s recent strip by the Amapondo team for an unparalleled read of the whole coast.

4. Learning to surf with the cheapest lessons on the coast

With large sand beaches and surf jobs to all or any levels, the Wild Coast is a good place to choose up abroad. The hostels provide some incredible deals on beginner lessons, with two hours cluster lessons for as little as fifty Rand. Multi-day programs also provide for those wanting a lot of intensive expertise, or just rent a board and start on your own.

5. Canoeing down the Wild Coast’s pristine rivers

The Wild Coast has blessed a bounty of rivers ending in lovely coastal lagoons. Rent a canoe and be anyone of those waterways passing through deep ravines and taking within the colourful villages wherever the local children can greet you with a smile.

6. Free, yes, FREE seafood!

Free sundowner plumbed pretty awesomely? Well, however, regarding free seafood? The occasional Shack loves their freebies. They need a long list of unimaginable incentives that may have backpackers staying longer than planned, from welcome drinks to free nights’ accommodation. My favourite? The piping hot bowls of recent mussels served free at the bar every night before dinner. Yum!

7. Cliff jumping

Adrenaline junkies can love the chance to throw themselves off the Mapuzi cliffs into the breaking waves into the azure blue waves below. Placed between occasional Bay and Mdumbi, the cliffs provide spectacular views. It is a nice day hike; therefore, even if you are not inclined to require the plunge, it is an excellent place to tug up with a picnic and chill by the ocean.

8. Skinny dipping on Chintsa beach

Chintsa has one of the superb beaches I’ve ever visited. Soft fine sand stretches around a cove therefore massive that once the ocean breeze starts returning in, you cannot even see the opposite aspect. It is a good place for a long stroll, a romantic picnic, or to urge a touch nervously and take that nudie dip.

9. Experiencing a local taxi

We’ve all seen the crazy minibus taxi’s blaring music and turn dangerously around Joburg and the city. In the Wild Coast, the native taxis have entirely different expertise and a beautiful thanks to getting away from real community life. Stop a reborn bakkie because it rambles down a dirt road and be a part of the college children, chickens and chattering women jostling for space on their way to the market. It’s going to be a jarring ride. However, it can give the initial lasting impression from your entire trip.

10. Joining in on an impromptu game of beach soccer

Everywhere on the Wild Coast, you will be greeted by smiling college children fishing, swimming or creating their thanks to and from college. As evening sets in, impromptu games of football run off each wherever. The village children are a lot willing to require you on and demonstrate their spectacular skills.

11. Riding a horse down miles of untouched beach

Just once you thought you could not notice a lot of romantic, quiet places, Bulungula lodge offers sunset horse rides on their lovely stretch of untouched beach. What an excellent thanks to finishing a perfect day!

12. Reducing your footprint

The Wild Coast is simply that: wild, rugged, undiscovered, pristine. Conserving this paradise is the attribute of most hostel house owners here and may be seen in each side of their operations. Engineered victimization property methodologies and running part or entirely off the grid, these places use alternative energy, rocket shows, and regionally fully grown manufacture to produce you with all of your comforts while conserving the paradise surrounding them. Visit the Wild Lubanzi to be told regarding their artistic and funky eco-friendly renovations, and sleep under the stars.

13. Learning to play the drums

Evening are can concentrate on some incredible native music as gifted young villagers pull up around the fire and fill the night air with native rhythms. Grab a drum and see if you’ll carry on. Or sign-up for one in all the drum creating workshops within the village and learn to play your custom-made drum.

14. listening to the sounds of the ocean from your tent

Camping could be an excellent budget possibility for backpackers, and therefore the Wild Coast has a number of the simplest sites I’ve bumped into on my travels. The wide-open areas mean you will not get to worry that shouting drunk tramper lumbering through, searching for the loose, that the sole noise you’ll have to stress regarding is that the imbrication of the waves.

15. Attending a phase of the moon party at the legendary occasional Shack

An evening on the Wild Coast is generally spent stargazing or around the fireplace paying attention to the rhythms of native drummers. However, once monthly things have preoccupied a notch as travellers return from close to and far to experience the occasional Shack’s legendary phase of the moon parties. Do not expect to get much sleep!

16. Obtaining lost hiking

The wild coast offers a great network of coastal trails stretching from Port Saint John’s to Bulangula. From day hikes to week-long adventures, there’s one thing for everybody, and it’s guaranteed to take your breath away. Trails have native villages, inexperienced pastures and undulating lineation. Be ready to cross rivers, discover untouched beaches and raise directions from friendly villagers once you get a bit lost.

17. Eating Umbako (traditional Xhosa bread)

There is seriously nothing higher than the piping hot Xhosa bread found all along the wild coast. Baked in an exceedingly positive way over the fireplace, this spike bread is dense and delicious. With a dob of butter, it’s merely divine.

18. Spending a night around the fire

I can’t think about a far better thanks to ending every day than propulsion up to a roaring fireplace beneath the celebrities. Weather allowing, you are bound to notice a fireplace pit crackle at each backpacker. What higher place to unwind, crack a brewery and swap stories regarding the time’s events.

19. Creating by removal into communal dinners

A big part of being a tramper is meeting with similar travellers as you decide up the most straightforward tips about wherever to move next. The communal dinners offered at the wildest Coast hostels produce the right setting. Food is regionally fully grown and effortlessly delicious. Assume massive parts, recent manufacture, and ancient Xhosa recipes. Make sure to hitch one at Bulangula or the Wild Lubanzi.

20. Knowing that you simply area unit giving back

Most of the backpackers on the wild coast are part or entirely community closely-held, and everyone works closely with their native villages to guard cultural integrity and improve education and services. This implies you’ll pay your dollars guilt-free knowing it’s attending to those that want it most in an exceeding region with a number of the bottom education and employment rates in the African nation.

21. Experiencing Bulangula’s rocket showers

Being off the grid doesn’t suggest you have to sacrifice comfort, and no place demonstrates this higher than Bulangula! Their piping hot doors showers break out a regionally designed gas rocket chimney. Sounds amazing? It is!

22. Visiting the opening within the Wall

The Hole is that the Wall is one of all those places wherever nature very shows off. Here, wherever the Mpako stream meets the coast, the Indian Ocean’s awful power is discovered within the great tunnels and caverns incised into the rock. Hole within the Wall is often visited on a pleasant day hike from occasional Bay or Wild Lubanzi; however, it conjointly hosts backpackers, a resort and a surprising strip of the beach if you opt to remain. The stream offers excellent swimming for those wanting an opening from the surf, and its shady banks are the right place to park for a lazy afternoon braai.

23. Treating yourself to a Massage

Just in case you were not relaxed enough. Treat those muscles once every day of hiking, cliff-jumping or battling the waves. At Bulangula, massages are often engaged with a trained massager through one in all their village initiatives. At Mdumbi backpackers, not solely are you able to book a massage, however conjointly a spa session in their bathing tub. With the cash going straight back to the community, Who will argue with a touch of pampering?

24. spending every day in a hammock

The wild coast offers an excessiveness of door activities. However, some days are meant to try to do nothing in any respect. With spectacular views and chilled out vibes, this can be the place to lie back, chill out and ponder life.

25. Experiencing Chintsa’s backpacker village

The noted Buccaneers are absolutely a lot more of a mini-resort than typical backpackers. Close on a hill commanding the lake, it is a prominent sprawling place that features cabins, cottages, dorms, inhabitation areas, swimming pools, volleyball and ostensibly endless bars and unwinds areas. There’s continuously one thing on as well as communal dinners, comedy nights, so rather more. The ambience is excellent, and therefore the setting is ideal. With such a lot to try to do, you are guaranteed to find yourself staying a lot longer than you’ve planned.

26. Realizing the Wild Coast Caters to all or any budgets and luxury levels

I like the backpackers in the African nation because they’ve distended the far side of the dormitory, giving various accommodations to suit all wants. The Wild Coast is not an exception. If you are over the student residence expertise, you’ll want to double South Africa, rent an awful campaign tent or go on a family rondavel with many friends. Most backpackers also will allow you to pitch a tent for super affordable fees. It’s an excellent possibility for those wanting to save lots while still optimizing their privacy!

27. Recognize  there is no age limit to backpacking

The first time I visited the Wild Coast, I was ten years younger, and I was pleased to see that I fit back into the groove just as easily this time. It’s one of those beautiful places where age doesn’t matter. Children in gap years mix with families on holiday and aging hippies who came long ago and never left. The Wild Coast truly personifies the spirit of what travel is all about, bringing together people from all over Africa and the world.

28. Spreading a thunderstorm over the ocean

The sheer grandeur of the skies over the Wild Coast is awe-inspiring at the best of times, but if you are fortunate, nature may treat you to exceptional performance. Summer storms are pretty common here, especially in the evenings, and there is nothing quite like watching one roll in from the ocean and light up the ski.

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