Entering Business Aviation, Part I: Types of Aircraft

The planes that people fly in corporate aviation tend to be much smaller than those found in airlines. The exceptions to the rule are Boeing’s BBJ and Airbus’s Corporate Jet, both based on some of the smaller types of aircraft marketed to airlines.

A corporate flight attendant is typically deployed in a “cabin class” aircraft. They are larger aircraft, usually with  19 seats or less, that you can easily stand on and walk around the cabin. Compared to a Westwind, Lear or Cessna, the larger jets have an aisle for walking up and down, and the headroom is usually sufficient to allow people under 6 ‘to pass easily. 

 Main cabin aircraft manufacturers include Bombardier Challenger / Canadair, Dassault Falcon Jet and Gulfstream aircraft. Additionally, Embraer was recently launched, and there are several Hawker 800XPs and other similarly sized aircraft that sometimes deploy a flight attendant. It all depends on the client requirements. 

 Executive jets are exquisitely equipped across the board. Almost every conceivable amenity is included; The company boardroom is being transplanted from the 41st floor to 11,000 feet! 

 Custom made mahogany cabinets, leather seats, premium carpets, veneer panelling, chenille sofas are just a few of the things that can be found in the cabin. At the same time, the kitchen can be outfitted with wood from Elmburl, complete with custom crystal barware. Many kitchens also contain items such as a high-heat oven, microwave, double Krupp’s coffeemaker, and a hot cup. 

 Most  Gulfstream aircraft in-flight carry the  Gulfstream II, III, IV, and V designations. 

 Dassault Falcon Jet has several popular entries, including the 900 and 2000. In a few years, the 7X will debut as the newest member of the Falcon Jet family. 

 Bombardier has several aircraft nicknamed Challenger and Canadair. All of their newer aircraft will carry the Bombardier name, but now the popular Challenger 604 and Global Express, along with their Model 5000, are some of the cabin-class aircraft flying today. 

 After all, Embraer recently entered the battle for executive jets with its legacy jets. Embraer jets, long-time regional jet makers, should emerge more and more as they are the low-cost price leaders in their category. 

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